Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

The International Journal of Innovation and Humanities (IJHI) is dedicated to maintaining peer-review integrity and maintaining high review standards. Your manuscript will be single-blind peer evaluated by independent, anonymous expert referees after the editor has verified its suitability.

Review Guidelines for the IJHI are as follows:

Step 1: Editorial Assessment

Beginning with the submission of your paper to a journal, there are several stages to peer review. The journal editor will assess if it is appropriate for the journal at this stage, asking questions like:

  • Has the author followed the journal's guidelines?
  • Is this the proper publication for this article?
  • Will it be interesting and valuable to the journal's readers?

The editor may right away reject the manuscript, but if not, it will proceed to the next stage, peer review.

Step 2: Peer review (first round)

The editor will find and contact possible referees, as well as other researchers and professors in your field. They will be invited to read your paper and advise the editor on whether or not it should be published in that publication.

Step 3: Revise your work and resubmit it.

You can then revise your article considering the reviewers' suggestions and resubmit it with any or all of the modifications. If the editor believes your edits are insufficient, you may be asked to make additional revisions, or the manuscript may be rejected.