Religious diversity, secular ethos, and schooling in a secondary school in India


  • Deepa Idnani University of Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India



Diversity, religion, constitution, education, secular ethos, schooling.


The present study looks at religious diversity and the role it plays in a school in India. The Constitution of India under Article 25-28 protects the freedom of religion in the country. The secular ideals are the core guiding principles of the society, which were incorporated by the 42nd Amendment to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. Therefore, the study tries to look at religious practices, attitudes, values, and beliefs to understand religious diversity. It also tries to understand the views of parents, teachers, and students to contextualize the school ethos, culture, and schooling process. To comprehend the secular outlook and its role as envisaged in the Constitution of our country.  The present study is a qualitative case study that was conducted in a public school by using observation and interviews with 30 students and ten teachers at the school from classes VI-VII each, apart from 10 interviews with parents. There is an indication that there is a secular ethos in the school. However, there are few occurrences of segregation, but on the whole, there is inclusion. The policies, practices in the school reflect resilience and tolerance, characterized by value education.


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Idnani , D. (2021). Religious diversity, secular ethos, and schooling in a secondary school in India. International Journal of Humanities and Innovation (IJHI), 4(2), 42–47.



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